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URL Decoding Tool, Simple & Secure

Compared to other online URL decode tools, this URL decrypter offers more security for all inputs:

  • Your entries will not be saved!
  • Data transmission is secured with TSL encryption
  • Your values will not be processed via GET parameters


Online URL Decoder

This free online URL decode tool is a simple URL decoder and uses the PHP function urldecode() . The decoding tool decodes any URL or URI, individual URL parameters, simple text, strings, patterns, PHP code, JavaScript code and much more. The URL Decoder uses the PHP function urldecode() and decodes all characters that were previously encoded using the URL encode, for example. Percent signs (%) followed by two hexadecimal values are replaced with their non-alphanumeric values and plus signs (+) with spaces. This allows, for example, encoded strings from query parameters of a URL to be converted into their original form.